Imagining Inclusion

Imagining Inclusion focuses on people with lived experience of mental illness and factors that contribute to community inclusion, health, and wellbeing. The project, which began in Vancouver in 2013, has generated a variety of tools for community members and people working with or living with a mental illness.

Phase 1: My Health, Wellbeing, and Community (2013-2015)

In the two-year Imagining Inclusion research project, we explored experiences of community inclusion for people with lived experience of mental illness. With the collaborative involvement of research participants, an upstream-downstream model of community mental health, entitled Creating Upstream Change, was created from project findings.

Phase 2: Creating Upstream Change in Community Mental Health (2016-2019)

In Creating Upstream Change, we are taking up Imagining Inclusion’s model to investigate the potential for organizational and system change in community mental health. We will test the effectiveness of the model in creating system, organizational and individual change in community mental health, and will use peer leadership in all project activities.

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