Anita David

Peer Researcher

Anita  joined the research project after completing Peer Researcher Training in 2017. Anita gained even more experience through the Mental Health Commission of Canada when she participated in the SPARK training workshop for Knowledge Translation and became a Mental Health First Aid Instructor in 2018.  

Before transitioning to research and mental health, she spent over twenty-years working in web marketing, communications and writing Through her experiences and learning opportunities, Anita discovered her passion for working in mental health, reducing stigma and helping others with lived experience. 

Anita volunteers on mental health committees and research projects to improve the patient experience through Vancouver Coastal Health,  Providence Health Care and University of British Columbia. She is also an ambassador for Dress for Success where she speaks about her personal journey and participates in special events. During her downtime, Anita enjoys cuddling with her cat “Caaaaaat”, using her imagination by writing and doing improv theatre, and finding balance through yoga and meditation.