Upcoming Peer Researcher Training
Fall 2018 – TBD

Imagining Inclusion: Creating Upstream Change in Community Mental Health will be offering a 10 week Peer Researcher training in fall of 2018 with an updated curriculum.  The training focuses on all aspects of community based participatory research.

If you are a peer who is interested in applying, please contact us and we will notify you when details become available. If you are an organization conducting research and/or evaluation, and are interested in hiring a trained Peer Researcher, please get in touch.


Upstream Change aims to foster leadership and empower peers through involvement and training in community based participatory research. In 2017, our team created an eight-week peer research curriculum and our peer researchers delivered the curriculum to twelve peer participants.

An evaluation conducted six months after the completion of the training indicated that the majority of participants benefited from the training and had used the research skills learned in their current work. Since that time we have had many requests for hosting another peer research training. We look forward to running it in the fall of 2018.


Posted: June 22, 2018