Telling Your Story and Being Heard


Telling Your Story and Being Heard is an eight-week program that began in May and is running concurrently at the North East Mental Health Team and the thrive program at Open Door Group. This  unique program pairs up a recreation therapist with a peer researcher to deliver the program to a group of six participants at each location.

Participants are in the process of exploring their mental health journey, writing their stories and learning public speaking skills. In the final week, the groups will come together to celebrate their hard work and have an opportunity to deliver their story to an audience.

Telling Your Story and Being Heard was inspired by Photovoice participants who shared their experience at Open Door Group (fall 2017) and the North East Mental Health Team (winter 2018). Both groups of participants felt empowered by the conversations and gained confidence by connecting with others and sharing their experiences.

Posted: June 22, 2018